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Supplying to Walmart 101: What is an Order Write?

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Jan 16, 2017 2:15:19 PM

One of the most important pieces to understand when supplying product to Walmart is the order write. Below our team has outlined exactly what an order write is and why it is important to understand. 

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After becoming a Walmart supplier, or also commonly referred to as a vendor, Walmart will send instructions which detail exactly how much of each product it needs. Among numerous other details, the order write will include the Walmart Distribution Center which the product will ship to and the window of dates the shipment must arrive within.  

The order write is sent to both the supplier and the third-party consolidator (Ascent Global Logistics). 

The order write includes:

  • Walmart Distribution Center Number
  • Truck Number 
  • Purchase Order (PO) Number
  • Vendor Number (Unique to every Walmart Supplier)
  • Vendor Name 
  • Department Number (Automotive, Health & Beauty, Home Goods, etc.)
  • Item Number
  • Item Description
  • Order Quantity
  • Weight Quantity
  • Cube Quantity
  • MABD (Must Arrive by Date)
  • Purchase Order (PO) Type*

The order write can be exchanged via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or sent manually in an excel format. Order writes are typically sent weekly. However, Walmart is slowly working to move towards a daily order write. The goal is to ensure enough product is in the Walmart supply chain to avoid stock-outs at stores. 

*What is a PO type?

The three PO types most closely associated with consolidation are: 20, 33 and 3.

  • PO type 20 is referred to as staple stock and the product will be shipped in full pallets or as layers on a full pallet. 
  • PO type 33 is known as assembly and will be shipped in cases instead of full pallets.
  • PO type 3 is also called script or promotion and is used for all new products or holiday items. 

What happens after the order write is sent?  

Upon receipt of approval from the supplier, Ascent Global Logistics will pick the supplier's products from our warehouses. Our team will then stage the various products which will go in each truckload. We will also log in to the Walmart Retail Link portal and secure the truck appointments for the week.

These steps are completed and updated in Prime's state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS). Throughout the process, the supplier has complete visibility to inventory levels, enabling the supplier to make educated production decisions. 

To learn more about Walmart order writes, please contact our retail logistics experts today. 

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