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To Fight or Expedite? | When It's Time to Switch Modes

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 29, 2017 4:36:53 PM
It’s been a rough start to 2015 – Mother nature seems to be relentless with below zero temperatures and heavy snow storms across the United States and Canada causing a great deal of difficulty for shippers to move inventory. Another pain-point is the West Coast port negotiations, which have been taking place for the last nine months causing a huge backlog of containers. When it comes to shipping, many organizations are suffering from the consequences. Shipments are slowly moving throughout the country or simply sitting at closed docks. As we anxiously wait for spring to arrive and for an agreement to be reached at the West Coast ports, many logistic teams are feeling the pressure to continue to operate as usual and be on time. 
It is clear that once the snow melts and the West Coast ports return to running at full capacity, that it will take at least 90 days for the backlog to clear out. This high demand for LTL shipping space will dramatically increase the cost to ship through these ports. By spring, expect to have to fight for reasonably priced rates, truck space and preferred carriers (who will have the upper hand in the situation and can be selective about what they transport). While the next few months will prove to be challenging for logistic teams across the county, switching your mode of transportation may save time, resources and money.

Solution: Utilize Expedite Shipping Modes

Expedite shipping is a great way to avoid the bottle neck affect from weather delays and port slowdowns. While expedite is typically used for the most important and time-sensitive freight, it becomes a great resource during difficult shipping times. Switch to an expedite mode of transportation when your shipments:

- Have same-day delivery requirements

- Are Time sensitive

- Require faster transit times than standard LTL

- Require dedicated service (no transferring)

- Require air service

- Require high levels of security

How Expedite can Work for you

Expedite shipping is entirely customized to fit your needs and help reach goals. GTS utilizes this mode to move critical shipments both nationally and globally. While these shipments are slightly more expensive, they are more likely to be on time and more equip to handle your unique shipment.

If you have additional questions, or would like further clairification on your shipment, please contact us.

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