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NMFC Policy Change: LTL Concealed Damage Goods Claim Update

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 29, 2017 12:43:49 PM

NMFC Policy Change

Effective Saturday April 18, 2015, all LTL shippers and receivers have five (5) business days to provide notification of concealed damages to the carrier of record.

Details: The  NMFC made  significant changes in regards to filing claims for concealed damage. Concealed damage occurs when a consignee signs for freight without noting any damage upon delivery, but later when the item is opened the receiver finds that the product was in fact damaged during shipping. Prior to this update, consignees had fifteen (15) days from delivery to notify the carrier and file a concealed damage claim. However, this new change now requires all concealed damages to be reported to the carrier within five (5) days of delivery.

Key Takeaways: Those receiving shipments need to be much more timely and diligent when it comes to inspecting products; and in notifying carriers of concealed damage as soon as possible. If you act otherwise, you run the risk that the carrier will decline the claim.

1. If the delivery receipt did not note any damage, you must notify the carrier within 5 business days and file the claim as soon as possible for a chance at the best outcome.

2. When you discover concealed damage, make sure to take digital photos of the damage and forward them to your carrier  representative. They will forward this evidence to the delivering terminal to make them aware of the damage, which will greatly support your claim.

3. You can still file a claim at any time. However, if you file 6+ days after delivery, there is a chance the carriers will not honor your claim. It is up to their discretion.


Click here to view the full supplement from the NMFC

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