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How Proper Packaging Will Help Your Time Sensitive Shipments

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Apr 1, 2017 6:00:00 PM

You can pull off a time sensitive miracle: on time pickup, quick transit, and perfectfreight_backed_up.jpg delivery window; but if your freight arrives damaged that means an unhappy consignee and delayed deadlines for the replacement. That’s why proper packaging is a key to success that most people overlook.

A few easy precautions can help prevent damage and avoid a time sensitive shipment from turning into a time critical problem.

Weight & Dimensions

The size of your freight can be a factor in determining how the shipment will be transported.  Air cargo has very strict limitation when it comes to dimensions due to the size of the plane.  Correctly packaging your freight can save on both weight and dimension.  Odd shaped freight may increase cost due to the carrier being unable to stack other freight on or around it.

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Pallets, Crates and Stacking

During the transit of your shipment, it may be moved by a forklift, conveyor or a variety of vehicles.  This will cause vibration and possible compression of the product.   Proper stacking and crating or palletizing your freight can eliminate damage. Here are some palletizing and stacking tips:

  • Pallet should be wood or plastic in good condition
  • Wooden crates with proper corner bracing are best
  • Use strapping and banding to secure freight
  • Stack smaller, lighter items on top of heavier items
  • Column or interlock stack freight on pallets
  • Stretch wrap pallet to keep boxes secure

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Marking & Labeling

When your shipment is time sensitive, you can cut down on confusion by properly labeling your freight in an easy to see location. Adhere the labels to all sides of the freight and remove all unnecessary labels.

Complete shipper and consignee information should be on every piece in the shipment and match the Bill of Lading information. Make all important labels such as “This End Up” or “Do Not Stack” are very clear and not hidden.   

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