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How a TMS Can Help Your Small Business

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Apr 1, 2017 1:00:00 AM

The age of having an affordable transportation management system is upon us.

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When transportation management systems (TMS) were first introduced to shippers, they were expensive, had to be installed locally on your servers and were challenging to learn. Now, with cloud-based software and customizable offerings, any business can get a TMS that is suitable for them. TMS are no longer just for tier 1 shippers.

What a TMS Can Do For You

The capabilities of a good TMS are vast and can be valuable to a SMB. Just like any technology, the software is always evolving, but behind all of the bells and whistles, the basic functions are the same:

  • Route planning and optimization – You can choose the most efficient modes and routes for your shipments. A TMS can help you find opportunities to streamline your shipping strategies such as using load consolidation. After the shipments go out, you can have up-to-date visibility of your shipments through transit and delivery. Knowing where your freight is can open the lines of communication between you and your customer, creating transparency and reliability.
  • Exchanging information with carriers and generating shipping documents – Most small businesses don’t have a dedicated shipping department, having automated software can be great to keep up with your shipping and freight like a pro. You can easily decrease inflated shipping costs from incorrect commodity freight classification.
  • Freight bill pay auditing and settlement – Cutting down on manual data entry for accounting and expenses by using a TMS can result in a decline of errors. “A shipper can go from paying $11 per freight invoice, all the way down to only 5 to 10% of the $11,” according to Inbound Logistics Magazine.
  • Analyzing carrier performance and costs – By using an integrated TMS, you can see and understand the effect of your choices by analyzing carrier performance and transportation costs. This information can turn into cost savings and growth for your small business.

Where Can You Get a TMS?

There are a wide variety of transportation management systems in the market to fit every business’ needs. Most companies can cater their software to fit your processes and budget, driving the value up for you. To get started, you can compare companies and software offerings but looking up reviews online.

Many SMB choose to partner with a 3PL, such as GTS, to handle their shipping and freight needs. Not only do you gain access to their TMS and logistics system, but you also get a team of logistics experts for personalized service and solutions. In addition, you can get access to an assortment of other services to take control of your shipping, including: support to handle pick-up scheduling, tracking, proof of deliveries, claim processing, bills of lading, auditing of freight bills and daily reporting on pricing.

For more news and tips on transportation solutions, visit the GTS Blog. Are you looking to optimize your supply chain? Visit for an online quote or let GTS build you a custom solution.

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