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Freight Dimensioners: What Shippers Need to Know

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 29, 2017 5:43:32 PM

In 2015, carriers are going to become more efficient in measuring and classifying freight, and this will have a direct effect on shippers.


Traditionally, when freight moves through the LTL network, carriers have not had the time or resources to weigh & measure each shipment that hits their dock. Until now. Mettler Toldeo’s pallet truck scales and pallet dimensioners make accurately weighing and classifying freight less disruptive to operations, saving time and money.

What the dimensioner means to shippers:

As a shipper, it is important to understand the NMFC your product ships under to correctly complete bill of lading paperwork. Incorrectly classifying freight is a red flag to carriers to perform additional actions to audit paperwork.


If freight falls under a density-based NMFC, it is imperative to accurately weigh and measure for freight dimensions. This will ensure that the correct NMFC and sub-class is chosen. Automatic dimensioning, according to Mettler Toledo, is essential for optimizing carrier revenue. The LTL industry is looking to increase profitability in 2015 and many see this equipment as the answer.

This is a huge step for LTL shipping, because dimensional weight has always been difficult to determine. Shippers have been able to “guesstimate” dimensions and slip in shipments under a lower NMFC code than should have been used. But now shippers will have to tighten up their measurement processes by using accurate scales and shipping at the correct NMFC or prepare to see additional charges.

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