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E-Commerce: Helpful Hints for Holiday Success

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 30, 2017 10:16:49 AM


If e-commerce is your company’s bread and butter, then the holiday season is probably when you earn the majority of your annual revenue.

Did you know that Hickory Farms completes about 40% of its annual sales in the fourth quarter?

Even if your product isn’t as seasonal as Hickory Farms, it’s still crucial to have an optimized website and supply chain for the holiday rush.

Here are five tips to keep you competitive this season:

1. Make sure your site is up and runs fast. In today's internet-drive market, having an ugly, unresponsive or downright slow website is unacceptable. Knowing that your site will receive more traffic than usual, optimize it ahead of time and be sure to avoid system updates the last two months of the year.


2. Make the checkout process as easy as possible. Your site should accept most all forms of payment (test if they actually work). “Checkout” buttons should be large and placed in an easy-to-spot location on the webpage. Do not require customers to register for an account before they buy something! Use the limited time that you have their attention to offer the best, most user-friendly experience possible.


3. Boost customer support. Busyness actually makes the holidays a great time to build trust with consumers. If you deliver a seamless fulfillment process, they will remember your dependability and be more likely to return. Open up unique lines of communication such as real-time chats on your website and personalized social media and email responses.


4. Gather conversion data beforehand and maximize during the season. What do most of your customers search for when they visit your site? Which pages get the most traffic? If you know which products sell more, use that information to your advantage and upsell! Make sure navigation supports easy access to those products.


5. Offer unique savings opportunities. Free shipping and product discounts? Great, but not original. To stand out from the rest of the pack, make a less-traditional effort, such as sending emails at varied times, offering a “deal of the day,” or holding flash sales. Scarcity is a tried-and-true sales technique.


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