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Do You Find Shipping Outdoor Equipment A Challenge?

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 30, 2017 5:31:37 PM


Outdoor sports enthusiasts are not confined by boundaries, so how can we expect their equipment to fit inside a box? Outdoor equipment shippers handle material that can be difficult to package and classify; so much so that certain items warrant their own classifications. These can include hunting blinds and other camouflage material. 

In some cases, measuring accurate density can save you money. For example: your shipment is classed at 250 but the density calculation puts it in class 100. You can ship at a smaller class, lowering your overall freight charge.

How can companies with out-of-the-box products properly measure and weigh their materials?

Here are a few commonly shipped items:

- Apparel

- Plastic articles

- Paddles & rods

- Decorations, notions & novelties (many promotional items)


Density is based off of the total weight of the skid and its dimensions. Properly measuring density is crucial to accurately quoting and shipping your product. If density is inaccurate, carriers may re-classify the product, which can lead to upcharges and additional fees that affect your bottom line.


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