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Combating the Weather Effect on Your LTL Shipments

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 1, 2017 10:36:00 AM

freight_backed_upThe severe weather conditions across the country have affected equipment capacity in all sectors of transportation.  LTL carriers continue to work to meet service levels on pickups and deliveries, however, Mother Nature dampers their ability to move freight quickly in and out of their network.  In some cases, the conditions are so extreme that drivers are banned from being on the road -- whether it is mandated by the DOT or directly from corporate. 

When LTL carriers are backed up on deliveries, it creates a bottleneck in their network.  There were situations this year when LTL carriers could not take on any pickups for a brief period.  Carriers were using their P&D drivers for deliveries only. As a result, pickups are delayed, capacity tightens, and shipping expenses increase.

We cannot predict what the weather may bring, but we can suggest you stay ahead of the game by proactively planning your inventory needs before the next storm hits.

  • Call Early. Make every attempt to schedule shipments early in the day to ensure timely pickups.
  • Verify Shipment Readiness. If you are not the shipper, verify that the shipment is ready for pickup before scheduling.
  • Shipping Last Day of Month. If a shipment needs to leave the dock on the last day of the month, plan to call a day in advance to ensure pickups can be made.
  • Time-Sensitive Freight. If your load has to be to its destination at a specific time, consider a premium service, such as expedite or guaranteed.


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