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8 Leadership Qualities of Successful 3PL Executives

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 30, 2017 6:24:10 PM


According to the 2014 Third-Party Logistics Study, two areas leaders need to excel in to maintain sideways growth are leadership maturity and learning agility. The former means having the ability to operate at the appropriate level of complexity, ambiguity and scale. The latter means the ability to operate at the appropriate level of disruption, speed and volatility.


There are eight core skills that fall under the umbrella of maturity and agility:


1. Organization Maturity: The ability to work with and navigate through the organization and its stakeholders.


2. Cognitive Maturity: The ability to sense and respond to trends, information, data and insights.


3. Emotional Maturity: The ability to stay in the most effective emotional state to get the best out of self and others.


4. Mental Agility: Operates across domains, interested in unrelated areas and connects the dots to solve problems.


5. People Agility: Reads people well, adapts to diverse groups and shows astute interpersonal judgment.


6. Change Agility: Not afraid to challenge the status quo, tinkers constantly, introduces and follows through on change.


7. Results Agility: Is able to get outcomes in diverse challenges, prioritizes quickly, sets and achieves goals in good and bad situations.


8. Self-awareness: Reflective about self and open to feedback, genuine interest in learning about and developing self.


Are there any skills you would add? How has your experience as a 3PL leader been shaped by some of these skill sets? Download the full study below to read more third-party logistics insights.

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