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6 Reasons to Consider Time Sensitive Services For Your High-Value Shipments

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Apr 1, 2017 5:00:00 PM

When you have a high-value shipment, you want to eliminate the chance of theft and damage during transit. By utilizing time sensitive services, you can have more control over your shipment to ensure that it will be delivered on time and safe.

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Purchasing Additional Liability

The first step when starting a high-value shipment is to disclose the value to your carrier or 3PL. You may want to keep that information as secret as possible, but it’s necessary to determine if you need to purchase additional liability in case your shipment is damaged or stolen.

A 3PL will be able to walk you through this process to ensure you have the right amount of liability protection before your shipment is picked up for transit.

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Quality Carriers

Do your research before choosing a carrier. Although a carrier is cost-effective, it doesn’t make them a safe choice. You want to choose a reliable carrier that will provide the attention needed for your high-value freight. Quality carriers will have performance report for you to evaluate upon request.

What to look for when evaluating carriers:

  • Shipment visibility/traceability percent
  • Claims as percent of freight costs
  • On-time pickups
  • Transit time

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By partnering with a 3PL, you can have a team of specialists evaluate and monitor carrier performance on your behalf. 3PL, like GTS, have access to databases that can provide carriers with safety ratings and more detailed information to help guide the transportation specialists, and you, to make an educated decision.

Shorter Transit Times

The less time on the road or in the air, the better. You want to choose lanes that will get your shipment to the destination as soon as possible. By utilizing Guaranteed or Time Sensitive Services, you can speed up your transit time and keep your shipment safe.

A quicker transit time also means that your shipment will spend less time being transferred through terminals. With every terminal transfer there is human interaction, by eliminating them you reduce the potential points where your freight can be damaged.

Scheduled Pickup and Delivery Times

By utilizing upgraded services (Guaranteed or Time Sensitive) you can specify a much smaller pickup and delivery time frame. Guaranteed LTL service gives you the choice of an AM or End of Day delivery.

Switching to a time sensitive services alerts everyone to the time critical nature of your shipment. This increased attention tends to add value through on time delivery, more security and peace of mind.

Proactive Notifications

You are waiting for your high-value shipments to arrive, opting into notifications can be a great way to track where your shipment is. While every carrier has different notification services, you should be able to specify when you want to receive shipment notifications.

At GTS, we let your customers choose when they want to receive their notifications. Some customers get updates every hour, while others may want to know when their shipment arrives.

Dedicated Team

Having a dedicated team, such as a 3PL, can ease the process of moving your high-value shipments. You want high visibility and hands-on service to ensure your high-value shipment is not lost in the LTL shipment sea.

GTS has a dedicated Time Sensitive department of specialists that can walk you through the process with a hands-on approach to deliver your shipment on time and safe.

For more information on freight protection and time sensitive services, contact us today.

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