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3PLs Maximize Customer Driven Supply Chains

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 29, 2017 4:46:13 PM

Supply Chain Management In a technology driven world, consumer expectations have dramatically shifted. Gone are the days where consumers simply walk into your store to learn about your services or products nor come to you to find a solution to their problem. Instead, potential buyers preform extensive research through their tablets, phones and computers, arriving armed with knowledge of your products, services, value and pricing.  As a result, there is pressure for organizations to create a truly seamless approach to their consumer experience through their entire buying journey.

Many originations are quickly trying to formulate this seamless process and struggle to do it well. Although most organizations are able to master the digital aspect, they struggle to expertly manage their logistic infrastructure efficiently. It is not uncommon for organizations to create an entire Omni-channel buying process and at the last minute integrate your logistics program to the strategy. This can cause a great deal of frustration due to the amount of time and resources it can take.

Solution: Outsource to an Established 3PL

In order to properly execute and manage the mass amount of shipments needed to be made, it takes a great deal of resources and knowledge of logistics. With time and cost being the two driving factors of this process, it is critical to the success of your business to have a strong logistics infrastructure.  In order to properly manage the end of this process, it is best to partner with a seasoned 3PL.

How 3PLS can Better Omni-channel Retail Supply Chains

Established 3PLs are equipped with multiple carrier relationships and locations nationally and globally. As a result, they are better positioned to assign the appropriate amount of inventory to each facility reducing unnecessary problems, time and costs. 3PLs are also able to handle multiple modes such as, expedite, rail, bulk, and air. When you have a shipment that expands outside of your day-to-day less than truckload (LTL) shipments for example, a 3PL is able to utilize their wide range of services to easily customize a solution to your and your customer’s needs.

Another common issue organizations face is predicting product demand. 3PLs are able to handle both increases and decreases in demands and able to allocate necessary resources.

Likewise, many organizations have built-to-order or customized orders that are outside of your everyday shipments. Rather than spend the time rushing an order or fighting with carriers to get your shipment out at the necessary time, a 3PL can utilize its large network of carriers to find the best solution to meet your needs. Their resources are on stand-by 24/7 and are able to quickly adapt when issues arise.

Overall, 3PLs are able to help you navigate the complex world of Omni-channel supply chain networks. They have the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to creating a hassle-free and cost effective program. The goal of a 3PL is to provide customized solution for all of your shipping needs that will reduce cost, time and resources in order to successfully execute your Omni-channel strategy.

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