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How Retail Consolidation Can Help Walmart Suppliers

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Jan 16, 2017 2:07:15 PM

How can consolidation help Walmart suppliers?

Consolidation helps Walmart suppliers become more efficient by converting typical LTL (Less-than Truckload) shipments to FTL (Full Truckload) shipments. Essentially, consolidation combines freight from multiple Walmart vendors into one truck to increase efficiencies and minimize costs. 

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Here's an example: a vendor ships product 

to an Ascent Global Logistics warehouse. Vendors send approved Walmart orders to the Ascent Global Logistics Retail Consolidation team. This order is then compared against the copy of the order write received from Walmart. Once Ascent Global Logistics matches the two orders, our team will pick the product and stage the cargo to be loaded on each truck. The Ascent Global Logistics team does this in a methodical way to ensure the product arrives On Time and In Full. 

What are the optimal cases for consolidation?

 Small to Medium Volume Shippers

  • Suppliers shipping to a majority of Walmart DCs (Distribution Centers)
  • Deliveries made via LTL and/or SMPK (small pack) carriers


  • Opportunity to transition from a Domestic Warehouse Facility to a 3rd party consolidator
  • Potentially minimal warehousing cost changes and lower transportation costs

Vendors Servicing Multiple Walmart Departments

  • Multiple LTL/SMPK  shipments per week to each DC
  • Opportunity to coordinate multiple 9 DVNs (Department Vendor Numbers)

What are the benefits of consolidation for the suppliers?

Since full truckloads are used in consolidation (direct route), suppliers can eliminate multiple days of transit compared to typical LTL networks. Additionally, a consolidation program can create transportation savings as the supplier only pays for the space their product needs. 

How does the Ascent Global Logistics Retail Consolidation program work?

1. Walmart vendors warehouse their product at state-of-the-art, strategically located Ascent warehouse facilities. By owning and operating all of our facilities we have complete control over processes, increasing the quality of our service.

2. Orders bound for the same destination are picked, packed, combined, and shipped on a single outbound truck.

3. We work closely with vendors to ensure timely replenishment into our warehouses to consistently deliver On Time and In Full. 

Our team builds a program around the exact needs of the supplier with the flexibility to accommodate unique requests. Suppliers can also take advantage of our on-site custom retail services including assembly, labeling and shrink-wrapping. 

Contact our team to learn more. 

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