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3 Reasons Why Walmart Suppliers Need A Retail Consolidation Partner For OTIF Success

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Jun 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

On June 13, Walmart held their annual Call for U.S.-made products in Bentonville, Arkansas. If you attended the event as an existing or prospective supplier, you are quickly understanding the importance of supply chain accountability. To maintain positive relationships with Walmart buyers and brokers, suppliers need to have a plan and logistics partners to meet Walmart’s supply chain expectations.

Meet And Exceed Walmart's Expectations

To achieve supply chain success, many suppliers have partnered with a retail consolidation company to help make the logistics component easier while often saving time and money. Here are three reasons why Walmart suppliers need to consider retail consolidation:

1. Delivery Windows Are Tight In A Capacity Challenged Transportation Market

Walmart's On Time In Full (OTIF) program requires truckload suppliers to comply with two day OTIF delivery windows. Ultimately, this causes Walmart suppliers to deliver with exceptional precision, a difficult task for suppliers shipping via less-than-truckload (LTL). By partnering with a retail consolidation partner, your business will not only meet logistical requirement compliance, but you will also improve efficiency in your supply chain that could save you time and money.

2. Your Business Will Be Able To Focus On Marketing And Sales

With a preferred Walmart consolidation partner such as Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, you can focus your energy on your business to continue and grow your brand. We can handle your supply chain, allowing you to focus on strategic sales and marketing initiatives to continuously drive growth.

3. You Will Gain Supply Chain Knowledge That Can Help Your Business Grow

When you partner Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, you will have access to best practices and insights.

Walmart plans to invest $250 billion in products from suppliers that manufacture their products in the United States by 2023; to keep pace, you need a partner that has the relationships and industry knowledge to optimize all modes of transportation in your supply chain, including LTL, TL, import, export and customs clearance.

How Can I Find Out If Walmart Consolidation Is Right For Me?

Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, can assist you with all your supply chain needs. Contact us today or speak to your local representative for Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company.

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