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The Fast Lane Of Domestic Freight Management: What You Need To Know About Expedited Freight

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Mar 27, 2018 2:58:15 PM

Time is running out; that is a phrase so many industries know all too well when shipping urgent freight. There are times when supply chains do not always work like clockwork, and even the most sophisticated networks need expedited freight services. Your team here at Ascent Global Logistics is always on standby to answer your questions about expedited freight. Here are some common questions that we receive regarding the expedited shipping process:

What can I expect before my shipment is picked up?

Before your shipment is picked up, our dedicated team of logistics experts will work to provide you with real time quotes from the market. While the expedited shipping market is heavily driven by truck availability, most of our expedited shipping quotes can be sent to you within an hour of your request. Ascent Global Logistics makes this possible by tapping into both our internal fleet and external carrier partner networks to coordinate the shipment based on your budget, must arrive by date and time as well as exact shipment details.

For our expedited shipping services, our team can accommodate both LTL, TL, volume and oversize shipments. Our extensive Domestic Freight Management team can coordinate shipments, plan the routes for those shipments and ensure safe delivery of your shipments. With a team that can assist anytime during the week, including weekends, you will be able to coordinate a pick up and drop off that works for all your needs.

Once my shipment is picked up, how does Ascent ensure my shipment will be delivered on time?

On every single shipment, you will have a dedicated team at Ascent Global Logistics that will keep you updated throughout the shipment process. We have the power to track all shipment milestones, calculate the most optimal route of transport and coordinate with the carrier from the point of origin to the destination.

To ensure your expedited shipments arrive on-time to the destination, we utilize a variety of different types of transportation, including cargo vans, sprinter vans, straight trucks, straight trucks with liftgates, and air charters. From air shipments, LTL rescues, same day delivery, ground line haul during weekends, and white glove operations we have an expert team that ensures your urgent freight is delivered with precision.

What happens after my shipment gets delivered?

The shipment has arrived at the destination, but our team’s work is not done. At Ascent Global Logistics we can also provide business intelligence tools for all your shipments. We find inefficiencies that can be fixed through in-depth analysis of historical trends. That way, we can make intelligent decisions that will improve your team's productivity. We provide our clients with the ability to run actionable and detailed reports that contain real-time information specific to all your current and future operations.

Still have questions regarding Expedited Shipping?

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