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Highlights From the First Year at Ascent 

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Feb 7, 2018 9:54:38 AM

Our team is extremely proud to have celebrated our one year anniversary of Ascent Global Logistics on January 25, 2018. Just over one year ago we became a unified team with the common goal of being our clients’ most trusted and valued logistics provider by offering end-to-end solutions. 

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Over the past year our team has made tremendous strides. Below are some of the things we are most proud of accomplishing as a team over the past year.  

1. Recognizing Top Performers

In conjunction with the Ascent Global Logistics launch, our team implemented an enhanced employee recognition program designed to show our immense gratitude for the hard work of our team members.

We debuted the Peak Performer awards, which are awarded on a monthly basis and acknowledges individuals that go above and beyond to make a positive impact. We are extremely proud to have awarded 47 team members with the Peak Performer award during 2017 and look forward to awarding additional team members in 2018 and beyond. Pictured below are the Peak Performers from the past year. Congratulations once again to these outstanding team members! 

 Ascent Peak Performers - August 2017.png

Peak Performers rr.png

Peak Performers June.png

Peak Performers Ascent July 2017.png

Peak Performers R.png

Ascent Peak Performers - September 2017.2.png

Peak Performers October.png

Peak Performers November.png

Peak Performer 1.png

Peak Perfomers 2.1.png

At Ascent Global Logistics, we also proudly implemented an annual Everest Award which is presented to one individual from each team for contributing extreme value throughout the year. The Everest Award is the most distinguished award given at Ascent Global Logistics. We are overjoyed to have presented five key team members with the inaugural Everest Award during our one year anniversary celebrations on January 25. 

Ascent Everest Award Winners 2018.png2. Continuous Enhancement of Technology 

Our team has worked extremely hard over the past year to enhance our technology to better support our customers while empowering our team members and the solutions we provide. We announced the first of many enhancements to PEAK this month and are excited about our plans for additional improvements throughout 2018.

We are also proud that earlier last year we completed the roll out of the HighJump WMS (Warehouse Management System) to support our Retail Consolidation distribution facilities. This state-of-the-art system captures and monitors real-time inventory data which has helped us improve inventory accuracy, inventory control and lot control on behalf of our customers. 

We not only focused on the customer during our first year, but also on integrating our Domestic Freight Management teams by moving to a single financial application. Through this common internal technology we have been able to improve our ability to work seamlessly and efficiently when providing solutions to our customers. 

3. Sales Integration

Over the past year we also reorganized all of our sales teams to better serve our clients. The arranging of our sales teams into distinctive groups has enabled our team to better serve existing and new clients. 

We are very excited about the progress we have made during our first year as Ascent Global Logistics and look forward to accelerating our momentum in the years to come! 

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