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Future Proof Your Supply Chain: Why It Pays To Take A Look Today

Posted by Ascent Global Logistics on Jun 5, 2018 9:30:00 AM

How long has it been since you considered your supply chain and how to improve its efficiency? One month ago? Two months ago? A year ago? In a previous blog post , 88.3 percent of importers feel that their freight providers are not technologically advanced. There is no room for error when optimizing and refining your supply chain, so now is the time to take a deep dive into your supply chain and analyze areas of opportunity for improvements.

See What It's Like To Take A Deep Dive Into Your Supply Chain:


Technology Beyond Logistics. PEAK is a powerful suite technology solutions including Order Management, Electronic Track and Trace as well as Business Intelligence. Discover how the power of PEAK can help you make more intelligent supply chain decisions.

Help Me Improve My Supply Chain

What Are The Consequences Of Continuing To Overlook Improving My Supply Chain?

In 2017, over $1 trillion worth of inventory was imported into the United States. If a small-to-midsize business imports $1 million in inventory every year, a 10% improvement in your supply chain can result in $100 thousand worth of cost savings. If you overlook improving your supply chain, you could lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of savings!

How Can I Make Sure I Cut Costs And Improve Efficiency?

You can use Ascent Global Logistics’ easy-to-use technology platform, PEAK. PEAK’s capabilities can help you achieve greater visibility, engage in transparent communication from origin to destination and take advantage of a full reporting suite.

Our reporting suite can provide the necessary analytics to help identify potential inefficiencies  in your international supply chain.  PEAK can examine multiple data elements, from purchase orders and their value per month, shipment efficiency graphs for all modes of shipping (FCL, LCL, etc.), supplier rating and more. In the end, PEAK gives you more information, helping you make educated decisions based on actual data.

But don’t just take our word for it - learn more about PEAK for yourself:

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